Private Family Court

Family Court
Talk to anybody who’s been to Family Court for a family matter and you’ll quickly realise it’s not the answer. It’s draining, unpredictable and very expensive.


If you haven’t done so already – check out our article on The Court Process.

The Federal Circuit and Family Court are so overcrowded today that you’re unlikely to get a decision on your case for up to 2 or 3 years from the time you file your first application.

No thank you!


I spoke to a Barrister the other day who said she had been back to Court a record number of six times. SIX. TIMES. Before the client was actually able to have their case heard by the presiding Judge.

Each and every one of those attempts cost her client over $30,000 in solicitor’s fees, “barrister’s fee”, travel fees and accommodation.

What’s $30,000 x 6?

= $180,000 down the gurgler before you even get a decision.

So not only are you delayed an answer but you’re also paying for it.


Arbitration is Private Court.

I like this phrase because it’s akin to the medical industry – like private vs public health care. If you had the choice, would you skip the queue?

If you need an answer quickly and a resolution FAST – opt for Arbitration.

Arbitration is:

  1. Booking a date that’s convenient;
  2. Selecting the Judge (barrister or ex-Judge experienced in Family Law);
  3. Getting a decision within 14 days of the Hearing.

What’s the catch?

POSITIVES of Arbitration:

Arbitration is quick, reliable and results in a Court Order.

So why do people still opt for the public Court system?

NEGATIVES of Arbitration:

  1. The parties bear the cost of appointing a judge for the day (arbitrator).
  2. It’s only for Property matters. They can’t make decisions about parenting matters.
  3. You need a solicitor willing to engage in the Arbitration process.